Hosted Onboarding

Payaut’s hosted onboarding product is a hosted page that can be shared with the seller and have them provide their KYC data to Payaut directly. This will require less implementation effort on your side, as you will not have to collect the data yourself.

How it works

  1. Create a seller (accountHolder)
  2. Get the hosted onboarding link via API or via our dashboard.
  3. Share the link with the seller. When the seller opens the link, they are able to add their details that are required for the KYC process. The link is by default valid for 48 hours, but can be set to 2 weeks using the expirationTime parameter. We will show the required data fields based on the default KYC tier that applies to your marketplace model. Read more here:
  4. Integrate our webhooks to receive updates about the sellers KYC status. For example, whether they need to re-submit data because of fields that were missing or incorrect.

Before you start

Contact our support team ( to • Enable hosted onboarding for your platform • Provide a default return URL. The default return URL takes the seller back to that URL once the hosted onboarding session is complete.

Using the Hosted Onboarding to update seller data

The hosted onboarding product can also be used to update a seller, e.g. when a new bank account needs to be added. Simply regenerate the unique link (using our API or via our dashboard) and share the link with the seller again. The link will show the pre-filled data, which can be overwritten by the seller.

Remark: this will retrigger our KYC process, and requires a successful result before payouts can be performed again.