• MISSING DATA = the input was incomplete, not all required data / documents were submitted by the seller (e.g. they did not provide their full address or did not upload the bank statement)
  • IN PROGRESS = the KYC check is currently being carried out by Payaut - this status is temporary and will result in either ACTIVE or FAILED or REJECTED as explained above.
  • ACTIVE = the seller has passed KYC check successfully and is eligible for payouts - no further action is required from the seller or from the merchant
  • FAILED = the KYC check failed due to incorrect input/data (e.g. an expired document was uploaded or a blurry picture) - the seller can make corrections (e.g. submit a valid document or a better quality picture)
  • REJECTED = the input was complete and correct but the seller has not passed the KYC check - they were declined by Payaut as a customer (e.g. due to suspicion of fraud or money laundering)


Please pay attention that personal identity documents are:

  • Not expired
  • Not damaged
  • Clear and readable
  • Photocopy of an ID is not acceptable.
  • Fully captured in the picture, ensure that all 4 corners of your identity document are in the picture
  • Ensure that the following details are visible and clearly readable:
    • Photo
    • First and Last name
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality (if available)
    • Place of birth (if available)
    • Document number
    • Document expiry date


  1. Top left image: picture is good
  2. Top right image: picture is cropped, full document is not visible
  3. Bottom left image: picture is too blurry, details cannot be clearly read and verified
  4. Bottom right image: picture is black and white and document cannot be validated as authentic (security features not visible)