The dashboard allows you to view your transactions, sellers, balances and payouts nearly real-time (there is a 5 minute delay in the dashboard). The dashboard is available for both your Sandbox and your Production account. To get access to the dashboard please contact support@payaut.com or ask your implementation manager.

  • URL Sandbox: https://dashboard.sandbox.payaut.com/
  • URL Production: https://dashboard.payaut.com/


Once you requested access, you will receive an email with a password reset. To invite colleagues, please ask our support team or your implemenation manager.


In the home page you will find your own (division) codes and balances.

  • Division code = the code of the accountHolder for your marketplace
  • Virtual account = the code of the virtual account for your marketplace
  • Confirmed balance = Total commission that is reconciled
  • Pending balance = Total commission that is not reconciled
  • Payout balance = Available balance that can be paid out. This is your reconciled balance deducting the pending refunds


The transactions page will show you all the splits you have sent to the Payaut system, including information such as the reference, seller(s), total amount, the status of the split, PSP and payment method used, PSP reference and the creation date.

Read more about our payment statuses


The sellers page allows you to find data on any seller in the system, including the KYC status and the balances. By clicking on a seller you open the seller details page. This page will give you more information about the KYC tier your seller is in and it gives you access to the KYC data.


The payouts page will show you all the payouts that are processed and still pending.


The reports page allows you to find and download reports. Payout automatically creates settlement reports for merchants that are using scheduled payouts. Read more on our types of reports here.


Find your Payaut invoices. We will automatically deduct the Payaut fees from your division balance every first day of the month.


Find your Payaut pricing. Please contact your sales manager or your implementation manager at Payaut if these are incorrect.