• MISSING DATA = the input was incomplete, not all required data / documents were submitted by the seller (e.g. they did not provide their full address or did not upload the bank statement)
  • IN PROGRESS = the KYC check is currently being carried out by Payaut - this status is temporary and will result in either ACTIVE or FAILED or REJECTED as explained above.
  • ACTIVE = the seller has passed KYC check successfully and is eligible for payouts - no further action is required from the seller or from the merchant
  • FAILED = the KYC check failed due to incorrect input/data (e.g. an expired document was uploaded or a blurry picture) - the seller can make corrections (e.g. submit a valid document or a better quality picture)
  • REJECTED = the input was complete and correct but the seller has not passed the KYC check - they were declined by Payaut as a customer (e.g. due to suspicion of fraud or money laundering)


Payaut is using standardized response codes to communicate why a KYC request has either failed or is still missing data. Below is a table summarizing these reponse codes:

TypeCodeStatus summaryFull KYC status message
MISSING_DATA1001Missing ID Document[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1001] Missing Document for verification: User ID (e.g., Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card)
MISSING_DATA1002Missing external account document[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1002] Missing Document for External Account Verification: Bank Statement, RIB
MISSING_DATA1003Address mismatch[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1003] Address mismatch with User Account vs Document uploaded
MISSING_DATA1004Outdated external account document[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1004] Outdated Document: External Account Verification
MISSING_DATA1005Outdated ID document[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1005] Outdated Document: User ID
MISSING_DATA1006ID document unreadable[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1006] User ID provided is unreadable/unclear
MISSING_DATA1007External account document unreadable[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1007] External Account Document provided is unreadable/unclear
MISSING_DATA1008External account document missing IBAN[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1008] External account document missing information: IBAN/Account Number
MISSING_DATA1009External account document missing issue date[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1009] External account document missing information: Issued Date/Transactions within 6 months.
MISSING_DATA1010Missing UBO information[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1010] UBO - Missing information about UBO
MISSING_DATA1011Missing company structure[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1011] UBO - Missing company structure information (Percentage of Ownership)
MISSING_DATA1012Additional Information Required[KYC_MISSING_DATA_1012] Additional Information Required for verification
FAILED2001Account Name Mismatch[KYC_FAILED_2001] Account Name Mismatch: The bank statement provided does not match the name on the account.
FAILED2002Expired Company Registration[KYC_FAILED_2002] Expired Company Registration: The company registration document is older than one year.
FAILED2003Name Discrepancy[KYC_FAILED_2003] Name Discrepancy: The name does not match between the account and the provided document.
FAILED2004Missing bank statement[KYC_FAILED_2004] Missing Bank statement for ext acc verification: A bank statement is required for verifying an external account.

These codes will be provided in Payaut’s webhook response and in the Payaut API


Please pay attention that personal identity documents are:

  • Not expired
  • Not damaged
  • Clear and readable
  • Photocopy of an ID is not acceptable.
  • Fully captured in the picture, ensure that all 4 corners of your identity document are in the picture
  • Ensure that the following details are visible and clearly readable:
    • Photo
    • First and Last name
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality (if available)
    • Place of birth (if available)
    • Document number
    • Document expiry date


  1. Top left image: picture is good
  2. Top right image: picture is cropped, full document is not visible
  3. Bottom left image: picture is too blurry, details cannot be clearly read and verified
  4. Bottom right image: picture is black and white and document cannot be validated as authentic (security features not visible)