KYC Tips & Tricks

Please pay attention that personal identity documents are:

  • Not expired
  • Not damaged
  • Clear and readable
  • Photocopy of an ID is not acceptable.
  • Fully captured in the picture, ensure that all 4 corners of your identity document are in the picture
  • Ensure that the following details are visible and clearly readable:
    • Photo
    • First and Last name
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality (if available)
    • Place of birth (if available)
    • Document number
    • Document expiry date


  1. Top left pic: Picture is good.
  2. Top right pic: Picture is cropped, full document is not visible
  3. Bottom left pic: Picture is too blurry, details cannot be clearly read and verified
  4. Bottom right pic: Picture is black and white and document cannot be validated as authentic (security features not visible)