Use webhooks to get real-time updates

Payaut uses webhooks to notify you when an event happens in your division.

How to use webhooks

Please follow the next steps in order to make use of the available webhooks:

  • inform support (
  1. which webhooks you want to use
  2. Share your HTTP endpoint (URL) where you want to receive the notifications

Available webhook

  • Seller KYC update

Every time a seller’s KYC status changes, Payaut will share a notification. The webhook will contain information about the status change, if new KYC data is needed and a hosted onboarding link that can be shared with he seller to collect the necessary data.

Webhooks being developed today

  • Payment reconciliation

When a transaction is reconciled and balance is created

  • Payout status

When the status of a payout changes

  • Balance transfer status

When the status of a payout changes